Framed by Darlene 2008-2016

This page is work that I did while employed at Brownsboro Framing 2008-2016.

“This piece was a gift from a lifelong friend to the daughter of Thelma. The cafe is at the Galt house and the menu hangs in the daughters home as an honor to her mother.” This was created by Darlene while at Brownsboro framing.
Framing the invitation to a wedding can make a unique gift. I framed this while employed at Brownsboro Framing. The beach wedding with starfish favors. The customer came back in and told me how much they loved this piece as a wedding gift
One of my favorites through the years. Customer s grandfather had a tobacco farm. tools, records photos, and even some tobacco in a plexi box container. Barnwood frame completes this perfectly!

I made this for my son and his friends. The picture was taken while at the Zoo on a school field trip. Mat was cut by the Wizard computerized may cutter while I was working at Brownsboro Framing
Hole in one! I can get better pictures if I take them before the glass is fitted